Are you one of many people who have been adding weight loss to your New Year’s resolution’s list without any or little success? You can succeed in 2016 by following the SMART goals method:

Be (S)pecific with your resolution. Understand what losing weight really means to you. Write down how much weight you are planning to lose and break it down into weeks and months. Set a specific date to achieve that goal.

(M)easure your improvements. Along with writing down all the healthy foods you eat, remember to record unhealthy foods as well. When working towards a goal, measuring negative changes is as important as measuring positive ones.

You now have a plan in place to meet your goal but, how will you (A)chieve it if you hate your diet? Find a diet plan that you can truly commit to and enjoy. This will allow you to fall in love with your new routine and easily turn it into a lifestyle.

Be (R)ealistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

(T)iming is everything. Short-term goals are more attainable than long-term goals. With every short-term goal accomplished create a new one; it won’t be long before you reach your finish line.

So as the New Year approaches start thinking and planning SMART. Let 2016 be your year of success!