We know how difficult it can be to get moving on the days when you don’t have to come to Body20. Here are 3 fun ways to workout without your lovely Body20 Trainers:

No. 1 Jump Roping
Start off with a light two minute warm-up. Take it easy, reminisce on your younger years and with every hop travel back to a time when paper work and bills didn’t exist. Slowly take the intensity up a notch: increase the speed, quicken your feet, bring your knees up higher, try one leg then the other. Soon enough you’ll start adding in those crazy tricks you did as a kid.
No. 2 Ice Skating/Roller Blading
This activity is an amazing workout for your cardiovascular system, quads and glutes. We understand that we are in the middle of Florida but you’ll be surprised at the number of ice rinks in this area. If you can’t find an open skate night at a local ice rink, or you are truly against flying across frozen lakes, you can always throw on those beautiful vintage roller stakes and take a cruise around the neighborhood. Don’t forget your helmet.

No. 3 Yoga
It’s time take it down a notch. For some of you, yoga may seem as difficult as strapping on skates and throwing yourself down a half pipe ramp. With any new form of exercise take your time to ease into it and you will soon see improvements.

REMEMBER: Have fun and be safe! These activities are for your days away from Body20. They are meant to be challenging, enjoyable and more exciting than running on a treadmill for 45 minutes.