Yoga is a very soft, fluid series of deep stretches postures that brings people to a blissful quiet space. Weight training, on the other hand, is full of hard, concrete holds and pulls that get people screaming to maximal exhaustion. The two things can be difficult to image together, but both have a way of improving each other. Here are a few reason why this two forms of exercise compliment each other.

  1. The focus on flexibility in yoga can improve your range of motion when you weight train.
  2. Building strength can help you hold strong yoga poses for a longer period of time.
  3. Some yoga classes work you so hard you can break a sweat. These classes are great endurance builders, and when we ask you to give us 20 burpees you’ll be ready.
  4. Both strength training and yoga are amazing strength builders in their own unique way. When you activivate the same muscles for different exercises you avoid plateaus and get stronger faster.
  5. Yoga emphasizes constant abdominal contraction. When your core is strong suddenly planks, push-ups, and even squats get easier.