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Before I would always think about working out, but would never do it. Always gave an excuse. Felt pointless to even try — fearing I would fail at just another attempt. One day looking in the mirror, I got sick of it… figured it was time to change, and really push and put the effort in. Now I’m energized, and have the urge to break a sweat 

Landon M

I lost over 110 pounds in 9 months working out 2 times a week with Dylan! Patrick B

Lost over 80 pounds with a 2 times a week routine and a healthy diet. Karim Y

I have achieved my goals working out 3 times a week for 20 minutes with Body20. Susan B

Lost over 75 pounds! Sue C

My 20 minute sessions with Jeff and the MedX machines are a fabulous way to start the day two times a week! I hate to miss a session. I have completed serious shoulder surgery rehab, and more than double my initial strength during the last two years….I love the Chuck Berry, Michael Jackson, James Brown music while trying to push those weights under Jeff’s dedicated and professional supervision. I can’t say enough about the fine trainers and management at Body 20 and those MedX machines…it’s a great program with really fine professionals…and only 20 minutes! After two years my strength has improved enormously, my hip replacement is stronger than before, and my other hip no longer hurts. All my ligaments and muscles are back where they were 15 years ago, and it’s really a fun process. I can move much better on the tennis courts, and I am just entering into my weight reduction phase! John M

I am a working mom so finding the time to exercise was near impossible until I was introduced 2 years ago to Body 20. I am able to work out during my lunch, escape the madness of the day and release that pent up stress. The Body 20 Team focuses on my individual needs and tailors each session to ME! They motivate me, keep me interested and always come up with fun workouts that push my limits, the benefits are limitless and I love it! Thanks to Troy and the Body 20 Team my body has been transformed…I see the results which makes me work harder to give that extra push each session. I feel stronger, healthier and definitely more energized. It’s a commitment that I look forward to each week – my distractor – my me time! Christine E

I played D-1 golf and had a trainer by my side all through out college. After graduating it was hard to find a trainer and facility that fit my needs as an athlete. Training at Body 20 and working with Dan has kept me in shape and I have gotten stronger. The best part is these trainers are knowledgeable about strength training and cardio so much so that they will push you to the best of our ability in just 20 minutes. I have never gotten such an intense and satisfying workout in 20 minutes. Dan and I work so well together because he knows how to get the best out of me when training in a small amount of time. I never believed that I could get a solid workout in 20 minutes. Body 20 proved me wrong. Now, I know what machines and what type of cardio to do to see results in just a few weeks. Christine S

When people say to me a 20 minute workout, you got to Be kidding, I say to them you get in there and try it. It is an extensive 20 minutes without stopping . I have gone to gyms all my life, and worked out for one hour or more at a time, but by the time my friends say hello to me and want to talk, and I look at the TV, I probably was getting a 20 min workout, and not as good as what I get now.

My trainer Jeff is amazing, he is not only my trainer, but has become a friend of mine. The entire staff is great! I am 68 years YOUNG, and I have been going to body 20 since they opened. I look and feel great, and look forward to that TWENTY minute workout. People say, I can’t work out because I don’t have the time, if you can’t find 20 minutes a couple of times a week, then you do not have priorities in order. Give them a try, THEY will change your life.

Bobby F

I have been a runner for most of my life and spent a few years doing weight lifting on my own. I have NEVER experienced the overall improvement that I have with Body20. Some people in my office were talking about Body20 and encouraged me to “give it a try”. What did I have to lose. I was skeptical that improvement could be made in a couple of 20 minute sessions a week…. But I am open to giving anything a try so went for my “trial” session. WOW – I definitely felt the “holes” in my current fitness routine so started going to Body20 a couple of times a week. I thought that probably after 3-4 months I would get out of it all I could and that would be it. I couldn’t have been more WRONG. I continued to see changes in my body, in my fitness and overall health.

I KNOW I could not be where I am today with my current fitness without Jeff at Body20. They are pivotal to my success and fitness. I tried to accomplish where I am today on my own and never realized how critical it was to have a personal trainer who is invested in my goals as I am. Who understands the steps it takes to get to MY goals, since everyone has different goals. I have transformed my body in less than a year and look forward to what goals I can accomplish this next year!

Christine A

Body 20 has been the best thing that has happened to me for overall health, managing my figure, and maintaining good balance and good physical strength. The MedX machines are amazing! Troy, Cynthia and my other trainers are fabulous; I love the music; and it all happens in 20 minutes! I have much more physical strength, my joints and ligaments don’t hurt anymore, and I feel much more energetic. We hate to miss a session! Heidi M


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