By: Morgan Brace, Body20 Personal Trainer

Did you realize that your trainer is doing more than just giving you a good workout? Science has shown that exercise can improve your skin’s health. Exercise reduces wrinkles, relieves acne, and cleanses your pores. By increasing the amount of oxygen and blood that reaches the skin cells and surprisingly the liver, toxins and free radical are carried away.

Although exercise increases the skins vitality it can also cause minor damage to the skin, if the skin is not cared for. By remembering to wash your face before and after your works out and applying a moisturizer. Further protect your skin against the UV rays when exercising in the sun light by wearing a light, sweat proof sunscreen. If you find your skin is irritated after working out try wearing more breathable clothing, avoid wearing make-up during your workouts, and give your face a good rinse before exercising to avoid build-up in your pores.

So the next time you finish your next workout at Body20, your face bright red,  think of everything you are doing for your body and skin.