When you are on the go, it can be hard to fit in a meal that compliments your healthy fitness choices. Planning and preparing your meals is a sure way to save you money, time, and unwanted calories. Here are a few way to start meal planning and make it an easy addition to supporting your healthy lifestyle.

Season meats three different ways using one pan

If you’re sticking to lean meats like chicken, chowing down on the same flavors can get tiring after a while. Save time without boring your taste buds by preparing two or three variations of meats at once, using aluminum foil dividers in your pan. Sriracha, BBQ, honey mustard — you can have it all.

go a long way

They are the perfect protein filled food for the person on the go. Pop them into your salad or sprinkle them with some pepper and chow it down on your way out the door. Hard boiled eggs are perfect for a quick breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner.


Pre-dice, slice, or chop your vegetables so all you have to do is throw them into a salad or side dish. When cooking vegetables don’t waist 40 minutes on one batch of broccoli, try baking all of your vegetables in the same pan. Fast-roasting vegetables include asparagus, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes; slow-roasting vegetables include carrots, cauliflower, onions, potatoes and parsnips.


Portion out your favorite snacks and identify what the serving size should be. Remember snacking is good for your metabolism, but overeating is not.

These are only a few ways to make your meal planning easier. If you are interested in meal planning, but simply don’t have the time, energy, or cooking ability, Body20 has connected with a local business. Fresh-n-Healthy pre-cooks and delivers perfectly portioned meals straight to your home. As a Body20 member you will receive an exclusive discount. Ask your trainers for more information.

By: Morgan Brace, Body20 LLC