Why do we encourage you to wear a heart rate monitor?

There are a few reasons why the body20 team encourages everyone to wear their heart rate monitors while training.

The function that most people enjoy is the calorie counter. Watching those calories burn away with every workout you do is very motivational. This function is also helpful when you workout with a different trainer every other workout. If Dylan is making you burn 200 calories in a workout, the rest of the Body20 team will work to get you to the same range of intensity.

The polar strap also allows you to listen and actually see how an exercise is effecting your body. When performing the same exercise everyone is effected differently and the polar heart monitor allows us to determine if the exercise is the appropriate intensity for you.

Lastly the polar heart rate system keeps you safe. By observing your heart rate intensity over the course of your workout, your Body20 trainer can determine if they are pushing you above an intensity your heart can’t handle. This is very important when you are training to improve your heart’s function or if you have a heart condition. So, the next time you feel like you can’t handle Danny’s cardio conditioning, remember he’s looking out for you.

Don’t forget Body20 has Heart Rate monitors and straps available at a discounted price.